RVNG to release another gem. Sky is blue. Grass is green.

So, I have a shortlist of labels that I’ll buy any release from. RVNG Intl, is on that list. They’ll be releasing Holly Herndon's debut record on November 13th. And, it's (unsurprisingly) awesome.

Herndon builds most of her own instruments and real-time synth effects in Max/MSP (Max Signal Processing), and considers pushing the limits of our technology a key part of her creation process.

"The laptop is the most intimate instrument we have at our disposal, engaging and absorbing our confessions and inspirations" says Herndon. "Its influence has both devastated and invigorated music as we know it. We’ve only just begun unlocking the possibilities at our fingertips. Those possibilities are what I work towards and against." 

So, there are couple of steps here now. First, listen to this preview single, Fade. Then, pre-order the record from RVNG. The first 50 records sent out will be on gold vinyl.