I'll be closing down 2014 with a pretty sizable change. I'm delighted to announce that I'm making the jump to independent event production and consulting. I'll be stepping down from my job as director of Confab Events and putting all my energies toward this new venture, which I call Westra & Co.

Building communities has always been important to me, and it's really driven all the event work I've done to date. I feel like this change gives me the best opportunity to continue doing so on a wider scale.

I've had the good fortune to work on events that focus on the things I care deeply about: equality, open access, quality over quantity, and building safe and respectful spaces. I love creating inclusive events that make everyone feel welcome, and I'm excited to make that happen at even more events.

It is my hope to work with folks interested in these same tenets, and to help build their communities through meaningful, memorable, and seamless events for all attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

So get in touch, and let's build stuff together.